Travel Data Insights from Industry Innovators

Listen to a recent panel featured at the ITB Berlin eTravel Lab where technology providers delivering specialized data—such as reputation, market intelligence and travel intent data—discuss the value that data provides and offer best practices on leveraging it to build an optimal revenue management strategy. Panelists discuss how the future of analytics fueled by these data sources will lead to automated revenue strategies, personalized offers and better guest experiences.

Session Title: A Winning Combination: Travel Data Insights from Industry Innovators


  • Mike Chuma, Vice President of Product Strategy & Marketing, IDeaS Revenue Solutions


  • Clay Jackson, President, nSight
  • Shayne Paddock, CIO, Guest Management Solutions, TravelClick
  • Maarten Plesman, Vice President, EMEA, Revinate

Panel Soundbites:

“Your costs that you pay to your OTAs are rising about twice as fast as your revenues.”
– Maarten Plesman, Revinate

“Too many times hoteliers look at the past to try to predict the future but you really need to be forward-thinking in what you are doing.”
– Shayne Paddock, TravelClick

“The best solutions are often times the ones that are going to be the simple solutions with the simple actions that are going to drive immediate value”
– Clay Jackson, nSight

“We are seeing a very strong and quick convergence between sales, marketing and revenue management.”
– Mike Chuma, IDeaS

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