Trusting Tech Partners

Better Together – The Importance of Trusting Your Technology Partner

By , Vice President, Organizational Development


True partnership is about always being there, helping clients succeed and grow whether the relationship is ten days old or ten years strong.

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it.” – Mahatma Gandhi

In hospitality, the guest experience is priority number one, always. After all, what good is a hotel without guests? And what good is a hotel business’s future without happy guests?

At IDeaS, we apply this same principle in prioritizing our hospitality technology and service goals. Our clients come first in every decision, and we proudly tout our best-in-class client experience as the foremost measure of our success.

Do What You Say (…and Do It Better Than You Said You Would)

We believe the foundation of any solid business relationship is built on trust, and we seek to earn and uphold the trust of every client we serve. We do this by delivering on our promises, being available at all times—with real people to answer questions—and helping solve problems quickly and sustainably.

Because we know trusting your technology provider goes further than our unbeatable data security and unrivaled uptime dependability. It’s about peace of mind knowing our technology, and the science behind it, is working nonstop to optimize your business. It’s about the contentment and confidence that come from working with your dedicated, friendly, and wise client relationship managers and solution experts. And it’s about stability, being able to count on the same partner to stay by your side every step of your hotel’s revenue journey.

IDeaS for Success

In the face of the unprecedented—sorry, I know we’re all sick of that word by now—I am so proud of what the IDeaS for Success team has accomplished over the past year. Even though our staff pivoted to remote work in March of 2020, we only enhanced the level of proactive support our clients have grown to trust, taking steps to help them first react and then best prepare for recovery.

We increased our investment in educational programs, introducing a state-of-the-art learning experience. We also released enhanced programs that enable new properties or new users to quickly see value from their systems. We rapidly developed support tools and expert guidance that helped our clients identify opportunities and take steps to review and optimize their systems to meet changing market demands in real time.

And we will only continue to elevate our level of support and innovation in the year to come, investing in the skills of our people, building out more robust processes, expanding our library of learning programs, and introducing new technology and tools that will make your job even easier—and your hotel more successful.

IDeaS Cares

While on paper I report to IDeaS’ chief operating officer, I know my paychecks are really signed by IDeaS’ clients. They have a choice where they spend their money and have placed their trust in IDeaS. I am grateful to live every day in service to them. Thank you!

IDeaS’ ultimate client care program provides everything your hotel needs to succeed:

  • A dedicated advocate who understands your business goals and challenges, forms genuine connections, never stops listening, and anticipates your needs
  • The backing of a global team of hundreds working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure your own team is prepared, educated, engaged, and supported to make optimal use of your solution
  • 24/7/365 access to immediate technical support, wherever you are in the world
  • The backing of Hotel Tech Report’s Level III Global Customer Support Certification—as well as their award for best revenue management system!
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Vice President, Organizational Development

After 25+ years of leading small & large teams within IDeaS, I accepted the role as the Vice President of Organizational Development. As part of this new opportunity, I oversee the launch of several formal development programs, including the IDeaS Top Talent Program and the Learn & Lead Program. Additionally, I collaborate with individuals across IDeaS to develop leadership capabilities and enhance the organizational enablement skills of leaders within the company.

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