The 12 Gifts of RMS: Group Business

With end-of-the-year holiday parties in a full festive swing this season, hoteliers find themselves in a prime position take maximum advantage of the group opportunities that their RMS brings them.

Today’s top revenue management systems are gifting hotels with capabilities to go one step closer to Total Revenue Performance by expanding revenue management into additional revenue streams that include rooms, food and beverage, spa, golf, and retail.

This innovative revenue management technology delivers intelligent pricing for non-room revenue streams and helps build a sustainable, successful culture of revenue management embedded throughout the hotel.  Sophisticated forecasting capabilities allow revenue managers and sales teams to profitably assess and maximize all of their event spaces, while demand calendars and group evaluations provide the tactical tools that hotel teams need to identify and seize function space opportunities.

Not only will your guests enjoy the merriment of their holiday parties this year, but you will revel in the extra joy from your maximized event profits.

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