Stephen Hambleton

Stephen Hambleton supports hotels in driving higher revenue through revenue management technology powered by high-performance forecasting and analytics. He specializes in big-data solutions and continual technological innovations that drive revenue and profitability improvements.

What do summer & sailboats have in common with revenue management?

Summer is in full force here in Minneapolis, and we love to make the most of the opportunity to get outside after a long, harsh…

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Not Another Rainbow Logo: Finding Real Pride at Work

The world is a better place with you in it.  This seems like an odd way to start this blog, but it feels important to…

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G3 RMS Science

How It’s Made: The Science Behind G3 RMS

How does our RMS work? Pay attention to that man behind the curtain—as he opens the hood of the industry’s leading revenue science engine. Since…

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Poker Chips

What Would You Do with More Money?

Presenting Profit Optimization for IDeaS G3 RMS, a groundbreaking enhancement enabling hotels, resorts, and casinos to double down on maximizing total guest value. It’s always…

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bright ideas

Bright IDeaS for Modern Hotel Pricing

IDeaS is excited to unveil the latest enhancements to our flexible pricing approaches for greater revenue growth and ease-of-use. IDeaS has a history rich in…

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Magnetic North

Exceptional Circumstances Call for Exceptional Analytics

Powerful and proactive analytics provide the compass we need to navigate this crisis. Can you forecast without data? I’ve seen several opinions lately that analytics-based…

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Analytics is the Real Performance Driver for Hotel Revenue Management

There are many commercial revenue management systems (RMS) available today. Although there are a growing number of new and exciting developments in Revenue Management analytics, there…

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