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New automated configuration feature for G3 RMS decreases time (and effort) to value

By , Associate Regional Manager, Americas

Implementing a revenue management system (RMS) can evoke a mixture of excitement (how will this make my job easier?) and apprehension (will this work as promised?).  

With so much at stake, you need to feel confident. Knowing that the implementation of your RMS is in the hands of experts can make all the difference. 

IDeaS has reached 22,000+ implementations and was the first RMS vendor to receive Level 4 Client Care Certification from Hotel Tech Report. That’s the kind of expertise and confidence you can expect.  

So, what more could the industry’s most thorough implementation program possibly offer? 

Introducing…Automated Configuration for G3 RMS.  

Think about building a house. 

Do you want to build it yourself from the ground up? Or do you want to simply decide on the elements that make your property stand out in the neighborhood, such as the color of the paint or the style of architecture?  

With other RMS vendors, you receive the tools to build the house yourself. Imagine building a house while also working full time as a revenue manager. You get home from work and then have to put on your work boots and build a structure from the ground up. That’s a lot to ask anyone to do, especially when your RMS vendor already has the materials (data) and knowledge (analytics) to build the framework.  

Unlike other implementation processes, Automated Configuration for G3 RMS examines your organization’s data and configures your system based on what the data says actually happened. IDeaS provides all the things essential to living in the house – the foundation, the frame, and the walls & roof. Even better, the configuration is driven from your own data, so you aren’t getting a cookie-cutter house.  

What exactly does this mean for you?  

  • Save time by reducing the amount of manual setup and training required. 
  • Gain confidence in system settings and decisions by replacing guesswork with optimal settings based on science. 
  • Achieve fast ROI with a system that delivers revenue-enhancing decisions from day one. 

“We implemented 17 hotels and the automated configuration process has been fantastic. This has been our fastest implementation, the amount of time and effort saved is mind-blowing.”

– Christian Boerger, Vice President of Revenue Strategy, Oxford Collection  

Let’s talk more about what automated configuration does for you.  

Automated Configuration for G3 RMS completes the following modules for you:    

  • Rooms configuration Automatically groups your room types that have similar pricing and demand into room classes to maximize room performance with optimal pricing decisions, Last Room Value, and overbooking controls. 
  • Market segment & rate codes: Assigns guest behavior-based attributes to your market segments and combines rate codes of similar behaviors to create forecast groups that drive superior optimization and better revenue performance.  
  • Pricing configuration:  Defines the pricing strategy for your property’s primary product, ensuring G3 RMS produces optimal, data-driven pricing.  
  • Rate shopping configuration: Determines the optimal competitive configuration, including which competitors’ prices impact your pricing decisions, to take full advantage of the market data available to inform your pricing.  

Once the Automated Configuration feature completes its work, all you need to do is review and make any tweaks to account for business practices and guest needs—the human side of things.  

“Automated configuration in G3 RMS allows us to capture more revenue right away, with minimal ramp up time. It’s like having another revenue manager on the team, analyzing the data 24/7.”
– Marci Garcia, CRME, Director of Revenue Strategies – Revenue Matters; working with The Guest House at Graceland 

Your dedicated support team at IDeaS is here to take away any feelings of apprehension and instill confidence that your implementation is done correctly, right from the start.  

Discover how real-world hospitality organizations benefit from IDeaS solutions 

IDeaS solutions are more than theoretical topics—they drive business impacts for hospitality organizations around the world.  

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Associate Regional Manager, Americas

As an experienced project manager with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry, Sarah has a record for strong leadership and an innate ability to keep projects moving forward. She excels at bringing innovation and clarity to the client experience as the project unfolds and she knows how to set the stage for a strong ongoing relationship.

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