Bridging the Industry With Digna Martinez


IDeaS Advisory Services takes to the blog to answer the top questions asked by hotels across the globe

Digna Martinez, IDeaS senior advisor, talks about when total revenue management is going to happen, how organizations need to roll it out, and why hotels need to facilitate organizational change to do so.

  • Where is revenue management going next? Is ‘total revenue management’ going to happen?
    The short answer is: yes. As we keep seeing revenue management introduced in other hotel departments and business industries; we realize the awareness of the benefits of a revenue management culture is growing—and hotels can certainly expect total revenue management for hospitality industry to become a reality sooner, rather than later. Click to Tweet | IDeaS Twitter
  • What would it take to roll out total revenue management in my organization?
    To successfully roll out total revenue management, an established revenue management culture is needed. This is a journey all organizations trying to achieve total revenue management need to take, and it impacts their people, process and technology and/or tools. For many, the understanding of the revenue management principles is the easy part; it’s the “change” of perceptions and habits that becomes more complicated for hotel organizations.
  • How can we facilitate “change” in our organizations? As revenue managers, we keep pushing but resistance is there.
    A revenue manager’s role has and continues to change with the evolution of revenue management practices. Leadership is becoming a key revenue manager’s capability Click to Tweet | IDeaS Twitter; not only because we need to challenge the process, but also because we need to look for advocates that will follow our lead and help us adopt a strong revenue management culture.

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Digna Martinez Kolar

Senior Advisor at IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Working intimately with hotels all over the world, Digna Martinez boasts a strong global background in hotel operations, revenue management, consulting and strategic pricing. As the senior advisor at IDeaS Revenue Solutions, Digna leads advisory services initiatives for the Americas region, assisting hospitality companies of all sizes to build and enhance their total revenue performance and price optimization capabilities.

Prior to joining the IDeaS global team, Digna spent 11 years in leadership roles at InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). Her roles with IHG previously included the regional head of revenue management for Japan, Korea, the Middle East & Africa, as well as the global pricing implementation & business integration manager.

Holding deep expertise in the deployment and structuring of pricing and revenue management processes, Digna helps clients build sustainable revenue management cultures in multi-cultural and diverse organizational environments.

Digna holds an MBA in Hospitality Management IMHI, a joint program of Cornell University and ESSEC. She currently lives in sunny California with her husband

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