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Growing Together: Exploring the New Client Experience Enhancements Coming in 2024

Exciting enhancements are coming to the IDeaS client experience in 2024.

To ensure clients are equipped with everything they need for continued revenue management success, IDeaS is rolling out new client support and education initiatives that aim to bolster core competencies and provide convenient avenues for support when clients need it most.

Coral Brevig, Director of Learning and Development at IDeaS, says this enhanced approach will help both established clients and relative newcomers alike as they grow their revenue management expertise.

“We’re making strategic changes to the way we engage users to put the focus on the people, not just products,” Brevig says. “We’re offering more ways than ever for our client base to leverage us as their partners in success.”

What’s new in the IDeaS client experience?

2024 is poised to be a year full of innovation and improvements to the IDeaS client experience. Here are some of the key changes coming to supplement our existing training and support offerings:

Live Chat Support: Client questions, issues, and system curiosities often can’t wait for a regularly scheduled check-in to get resolved. The addition of live chat support ensures a skilled member of the IDeaS Client Success team is there to help exactly when you need it. Whether you’re dealing with something as simple as resolving a login issue, or in need of help with a more substantive question that requires escalation, you now have a convenient and direct line to the support you need. This live chat feature can be accessed by clients by logging into the IDeaS Client Support portal.

Ongoing Live Learning Events: Throughout 2024 and beyond, IDeaS will be hosting free monthly live learning events for you to continue supplementing your system knowledge, learn alongside other users, and continue gaining practical approaches to address revenue management-related scenarios.

Hosted globally, these live learning opportunities will consist of monthly Community Connections, Focus Sessions, and quarterly expert Panel Discussions.

  • Community Connections are monthly opportunities to meet with other users of IDeaS solutions, learn more about new features, ask questions, share best practices, and more.
  • Focus Sessions are monthly expert-led interactive webinars covering topics like system management, how-to’s, and other sought-after practical advice.
  • Panel Discussions are quarterly can’t-miss opportunities to “peek behind the curtain” and learn more about why the system works, with deep dives lead by industry and system experts.

Active users with appropriate permissions can view and sign up for upcoming learning events via the Discover Learning platform.

Tailored Continual Learning Pathways: Another improvement to come in 2024 is the rollout of continual learning pathways that are tailored to user job roles and account maturity. For example, if your organization hires a new sales manager, you’ll soon have on-demand access to a focused education plan that fits the needs of the role and ultimately helps get them on board with revenue management practices using IDeaS system capabilities.

Additionally, it will be easier than ever for clients to purchase supplemental focused sessions with IDeaS Client Training Specialists as a new training catalogue of one- and two-hour virtual training sessions will be available for clients seeking to support ongoing user adoption.

Refreshed Help Content: IDeaS is also committed to refreshing system help content, with a focus on providing more opportunities to “show” with additional visualizations and micro-demos as well as “tell” with thorough, practical content. Additionally, efforts are underway to improve search functionality, consolidate helpful reference materials, and offer proactive reminders in-system.

“Help content is the most comprehensive reference we provide for system functionality, and it’s designed to surface relevant information at the moment you need to apply it,” says Vicky Simons, Sr. Manager of Technical Communications at IDeaS. “It’s a top priority for us to make sure the content is as convenient and user-friendly as possible.”

A worthwhile learning journey

Your continued revenue management success is also our success. This shared goal depends upon having a well-informed and effectively supported user base that can confidently implement changes, understand what’s driving system outputs, and more.

“Our initial implementation training is robust and that isn’t going away, but we also know users get to the end of that phase and can sometimes find themselves asking, ‘Well, now what?’ as they continue to work with their solutions and adapt to changes,” Brevig says. “These enhancements will help clients build momentum and ensure they continue driving value from IDeaS solutions year after year.”

Ultimately, these enhancements are designed to maximize client success over the long term. Here’s how your organization can stand to benefit by taking an active approach to IDeaS-led continuous education:

Improved Resilience to Turnover: Hospitality staffing is fluid, but a change in personnel shouldn’t leave new members feeling behind the curve. With expanded learning and support opportunities, you will have ways to supplement your internal training processes with IDeaS content.

Grow Client Team Understanding: It takes broad buy-in and understanding to make the most of revenue management solutions. With new tailored learning paths, everyone in the organization from high-level executive decision makers to the daily power user will be equipped with the system knowledge they need to build internal understanding and cohesion.

Keep Up with New Features, Best Practices: IDeaS’ solutions are continuously evolving and improving over time. As new features and functionalities are added, it’s critical clients have additional opportunities to learn more about how they work, what benefits they may provide, and best practices for implementation.

Maintain System Health: Over time, your market’s competitive landscape is likely to shift—and that means your configuration may be due for a tune-up to avoid becoming a drag on system effectiveness. With additional learning opportunities and touchpoints, we are more likely to identify and resolve these potential issues and keep your system running optimally.

“While you can’t control changes within your market, you can adapt,” says Brevig.

Embark on your learning journey

Growth comes with education and support—and we’re certainly excited to continue to provide both. IDeaS clients can explore and sign up for upcoming live learning events via the Discover Learning Platform (accessible with an active user account and appropriate permissions) or reach out to their IDeaS representative to learn more about the training and education opportunities available to them.

For more on how we’re shifting to ensure continued client success, check out: “Get Ready for Client Success 2.0

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