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By , Principal Sales Director, EMEA

Conducting business in the midst of a pandemic requires flexibility, patience, attention, and most importantly, a feeling of control. As the impact of COVID is decreasing, we are seeing a spike in demand for hotels and resorts as more people and businesses are planning to travel, requiring a response in return. G3 RMS provides ample opportunity for you to control what you need while ensuring you are receiving innovative and dependable service for optimal results.  

G3 RMS offers many tools that allow for user interaction and control, and it takes the user input into account when optimizing price and inventory through automation. We know that the word “automation” can sound scary. How do you know the automated system is a doing what it’s supposed to do? How can you trust it? 

G3 RMS is powered by SAS high performance analytics that deliver results with more precision and predictability than the human eye and brain are capable of. Automation eliminates all the guessing games and time-consuming processes that go into revenue optimization. G3 RMS compiles the  data that goes into pricing and booking based on time, size, availability, and more. Then, the automation system assesses the data and transforms it into clear and indicative insights that map the path to success.  

The beauty of automation is in more than just its precision and accuracy. G3 RMS utilizes user interaction at key stages to enhance the automation process for even more detailed results. This is where your control and input are valued.  

  • Information Manager is your manage by exception assistant that lays out the actions required of you, as the user, and allows you to prioritize and organize based on what is most important at that point in time  
  • The Investigator tool puts the automation process into words to spell out the “how” and “why” behind the given demand forecast and price points.  
  • What-If Analysis gives you the power to tweak data points in a risk-free simulation to see the changes in demand, occupancy forecast, system controls, and the hotel revenue with those changes.  
  • Finally, the Benefit Measurement feature compiles all the benefits of using G3 RMS through a clear table with ROI measurements, KPIs, and other data points, and compares the results with automation juxtaposed to what your measurements would look like without automation.  

With all the balls you are juggling as a revenue manager, automation ensures you are getting the right data you need to do your job successfully and efficiently. G3 RMS provides an automated approach while still utilizing your engagement and control.  

Automation won’t limit you from making the important decisions, we can promise you that. G3 RMS will provide you with the advanced insights you need to make informed strategic decisions in a high-demand environment. Automation takes care of the heavy lifting and supplies you with the time and energy to focus your efforts where they are needed most.  

Principal Sales Director, EMEA

With over 30 years of hospitality experience, Warren has significant expertise in data-driven solutions that help businesses optimize profits and increase efficiency. Warren and his team provide user-friendly, insightful, and profitable revenue management systems for professionals who now couldn’t imagine returning to spreadsheets.

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