Revenue Management

Hospitality Technology Trends: How AI Is Revolutionizing Hotel Revenue Management

The hospitality industry is buzzing with innovation driven by powerful new hospitality technology trends. Technologies fueled by AI and machine learning are driving trends –…

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Leveraging Automated Revenue Management Systems for Sustainable Hospitality: A Win-Win Strategy

Sustainability is a paramount concern across industries, and hospitality is no exception. Hotels are increasingly aligning their operations with eco-friendly practices to reduce their impact…

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Airport Parking Dynamic Pricing

Airport Parking Dynamic Pricing: Getting Started with the Next Step in Travel Modernization

Did you know that parking represents an average of 37% of non-aeronautical revenues for airports in North America? While most visitors don’t give it a…

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How to Increase Hotel Occupancy: 9 Proven Ways to Grow Your Occupancy Rates

It’s not a revelation, but a hotel cannot thrive—or survive—without a sufficient stream of guests coming through their doors. While operators will likely…

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Hotel Demand Forecasting: A Beginner’s Guide

It’s incredibly difficult to think and act strategically if you don’t have an idea of what the future holds. That’s a simple truth, but it’s…

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Photo of a old-fashioned tin robot with a worried expression

Not-So-Spooky: Why Automation Shouldn’t Be a Source of Fear for Hoteliers

The rise of AI and automation has captured the world’s attention lately.  While some of us are excited by the possibilities, others are understandably wary…

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Low angle photograph of couples on a dance floor.

You’re Invited! But Why Are You Skipping the M&E Party?

The decorations are perfect, the DJ is lining up a long list of crowd-pleasers and the invitees are ready to have a great time. As…

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Measuring Up: A Quick Guide to Important Meetings and Events KPIs

For many hospitality providers, making the most of your available event space is the next chapter in total revenue optimization—but it also requires a new…

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