Elevate revenue performance for your car park facility.

Transforming how car park businesses manage pricing decisions, IDeaS Car Park Revenue Management System provides the industry’s most advanced automated and self-learning revenue management solution designed specifically for the way car parks work.

IDeaS Car Park Revenue Management System

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  1. Demand pricing
    Dynamically selects and recommends optimal rates for each car park product based on forecast demand, arrival date, booking lead time, length of stay, competitive dynamics and more.

  2. Best-in-class SAS® analytics
    Using transaction-level data to provide accurate forecasts, the system automatically learns from and reacts to demand pattern changes, enabling superior recommendations to deliver maximum revenue and occupancy.

  3. Price distribution
    Efficiently distribute optimal rates and product availability controls to your website and other sales channels, eliminating the need to manually manage products and prices.

  4. Data visualization & dashboards
    Understand your business at a glance with actionable insight for intuitive decision-making.

This solution places the most reliable, up-to-date information for all of your car parks at your fingertips, empowering you to optimally price each product within your car park and improve capacity utilization on an ongoing basis.

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IDeaS Car Park Revenue Management System dynamically forecasts with a clear view of competitor rate positions, enabling proactive pricing decisions across your locations and helping elevate overall business profitability.

The cloud-based solution equips you to:

  • Accurately forecast business demand
  • Determine the correct pricing for all car parks
  • Assess performance and identify opportunity
  • Make strategic decisions with an intelligent view of competitive insights
  • Optimize demand and increase revenue across all locations
  • Distribute products and prices for all car parks to sales channels in real time

I look forward to making better decisions with a greater level of certainty as to what we’re doing. That in itself, with the integrity of the IDeaS Car Park Revenue Management System being tested and proven elsewhere, will help us immensely in terms of revenue growth.

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