Easily and affordably adopt advanced forecasting capabilities.

IDeaS Forecast Management System offers a simple, economical and user-friendly solution to dramatically improve your forecasting and reporting capabilities. It is ideal for businesses that are considering automated revenue management but do not wish to adopt a fully automated system.

IDeaS Forecast Management System

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  1. @ A Glance
    Get a snapshot of business trends and exceptions, forecast and booking paces and much more.

  2. Powerful business forecasts
    In-depth business forecasting lets you drill down for more detail at any time.

  3. Flexible reporting
    Custom and standard reporting features manage-by-exception functionality.

Industry-leading IDeaS forecasts incorporate demand uncertainty and pattern recognition technology to reach the highest levels of forecasting performance.

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IDeaS Forecast Management System offers an unprecedented vision into anticipatory data for greatly improved accuracy.

  • Consistently forecast business demands for one or multiple properties
  • Access forecasts, reports and data at any time and from anywhere using a cloud-based interface
  • Incorporate recent trends, special events and past data into your forecasting
  • Save and email reports to specified recipients, saving valuable time and resources
  • Smoothly upgrade to a fully loaded IDeaS Revenue Management System when you’re ready

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