IDeaS celebrates 25 years of innovation and strategic growth

IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the leading provider of pricing and revenue management software, services and consulting, today celebrated a quarter century of steady, strategic growth as the company exceeds an installation base of 5,000 hotel properties and nearly one million rooms across 94 countries.

With hundreds of employees on six continents, IDeaS has become a global leader offering best-in-class revenue management technology for the hospitality industry, complete with comprehensive training, support and consulting programs to ensure clients get the best performance and highest returns from their investments.

“What an incredible experience we’ve had these past 25 years at IDeaS. I’m very proud of all this team has accomplished,” said Sanjay Nagalia, co-founder and chief operations officer of IDeaS. “Our goal from the very first day was to create innovative and modern solutions to drive better revenue, and we still hold true to this value every day.”

Founded in 1989, IDeaS’ initial successes with revenue management systems included a major partnership with Minneapolis-based Northwest Airlines. Co-founders Dr. Ravi Mehrotra and Sanjay Nagalia soon shifted focus to another market that could greatly benefit from automated revenue management systems: hotels.

Throughout the 90s and 2000s, things moved quickly as IDeaS expanded around the world and into the cloud with modern, web-based solutions for hotel revenue management. In 2008, SAS—a global leader in data and analytics solutions—acquired IDeaS, fueling even more aggressive growth.

The past two-and-a-half decades have been a period of unprecedented innovation and growth for IDeaS, resulting in a comprehensive suite of solutions built around its flagship product, IDeaS Revenue Management System (RMS). The company’s portfolio now includes revenue optimization tools for independent hotel properties, global enterprises and all hotels in between, with systems ranging from forecasting and pricing systems to fully loaded revenue management solutions.

IDeaS’ 25th year has been especially prolific, with the introduction of:

  • IDeaS Mobile RMS, the world’s first mobile app for making time-sensitive revenue decisions on the go.
  • IDeaS Revenue Performance Insights™ (RPI), a highly visual, dynamic reporting and business intelligence software that greatly enhances the hotelier’s ability to report, analyze and act on performance data.
  • IDeaS Reputation Pricing module for IDeaS RMS (launch forthcoming), another industry first that allows hotels to use their current online reputations as a criterion for making pricing decisions.
  • IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (launch forthcoming), making the most scientifically advanced forecasting, modeling, pricing and transactional data capabilities to date available to hoteliers around the world.
  • IDeaS Function Space Revenue Management (launch scheduled for late 2014), the industry’s first solution for optimizing function space that will move revenue management beyond rooms alone.

Innovation continues at IDeaS through product development and partnership expansions around the world. With data influencing hotel pricing decisions more than ever before, IDeaS is creating solutions to collect, measure and analyze multiple data sources for better-informed pricing decisions that drive bottom-line results.

“We’ve always been focused on what’s next, driving innovations for those we serve,said Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, co-founder and president of IDeaS. “I am proud of our accomplishments and we feel lucky to partner with so many forward-thinking hoteliers. Our clients share in the IDeaS success story, and we look forward to many more collaborative successes in the future.”