Hospitality Leaders Recognized for Their Role in Driving Revenue Performance at Hotels

IDeaS Global Partner Ecosystem Awards given to key contributors for performance excellence


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – March 16, 2017 – IDeaS Revenue Solutions and its global ecosystem of partners strive to deliver better revenue management solutions to hotels all over the world. At ITB Berlin this month, partner representatives were recognized by their IDeaS peers and awarded for their exemplary levels of client focus, innovation, results and team spirit.

The Global Partner Ecosystem Awards recognize individuals committed to creating a strong partnership with IDeaS, who are dedicated to pricing and revenue management excellence, and who power the industry forward through innovation.

“IDeaS is extremely proud to recognize individual performance and values that we all aspire to at IDeaS. These individuals are truly innovating and moving the hospitality industry forward,” said Vivek Bhogaraju, director of global strategic alliances for IDeaS. “Their continued dedication, collaboration, and drive significantly and positively impacts IDeaS clients and the industry as a whole.”

Winners of the 2016 IDeaS Global Partner Ecosystem awards include:

For Client Focus

  • Laura Calin, Oracle Hospitality
  • Catherine Tremeau, Sabre Hospitality

For Innovation

  • Adriaan Coppens and Mathias Verhoeven, OTA Insight
  • Frank Verhagen, Webrezpro

For Results Focus

  • Clay Jackson, nSight for Travel
  • Carsten Gehling, Spectra Systems

For Team Spirit

  • David Mitzner, TravelClick

“There is no greater honor than to be nominated for an award that is centered around client focus. The hotel industry is in the midst of a technology transformation,” says Laura Calin, vice president of Oracle Hospitality. “It is imperative that we continue to work closely with our partners to maintain our customer-centric view in our solutions and services. We are looking forward to continuing our strong collaboration with IDeaS to enable our customers’ success.”

“We are thrilled that the team at OTA Insight has been recognized for our innovation. The award is a reflection of the efforts of everyone in our business, and I am really proud to lead a pioneering team who works hard to be continuously innovative,” said Adriaan Coppens, OTA Insight CEO and founder. “Our collective efforts has delivered many valuable tools to hotels, such as automated room-type mapping to power IDeaS’ room-type level pricing decisions, and a live rate-shop tool that allows 24/7 real-time pricing optimization. We look forward to continuing to partner with IDeaS to bring new and exciting innovations to market.”

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