IDeaS Launches Discover – A Next-Gen User Learning Experience

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Discover delivers customized, self-paced training and streamlined, moment-of-need support for IDeaS system users.

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MINNEAPOLIS—October 8, 2018—IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the leading provider of revenue management software and consulting services has launched Discover, a new, state-of-the-art user learning experience. Discover streamlines the system-training process by providing access to learning paths on a self-paced, as-needed basis.

Amidst competitive job markets and the need to retain top talent, revenue managing companies have increasingly searched for ways to deliver a blended learning approach that enables training for different generations, job roles and levels of expertise. Based on client feedback, IDeaS invested significant resources in its enablement and engagement team to reinvent the learning process for IDeaS systems.

The team’s innovations have led to Discover, a superior training experience tailored for all users. Discover is embedded within IDeaS’ software, eliminating the need for an external access portal. This change will allow users to gain hands-on experience directly in their system in a clean and intuitive interface.

“Our clients spoke. We listened. Now we are thrilled to launch Discover, a world-class learning experience,” said Sarah Green Toews, director of enablement and engagement for IDeaS. “Gone are the days of hefty manuals and time-consuming coursework. Discover is designed to quickly educate and inform our users while they work. It’s there for them at all times to help guide and nurture their proficiency in the most effective and efficient ways possible.”

IDeaS recognizes that ongoing training and support are key elements for the successful implementation and continued use of its revenue management systems. Discover will help instill greater user confidence in IDeaS’ solutions, and because it’s an included feature in IDeaS’ software products, each user can choose the learning path that best suits their needs.

“The way people learn has evolved, and we now have a deeper understanding of how the human mind acquires and retains new information,” continued Green Toews. “Moment-of-need learning has become increasingly relevant in the fast-paced, high turnover travel and hospitality sector in order to achieve an ongoing return on investment in people, processes and technology.”


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