Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts Selects IDeaS G3 RMS to Optimize Revenue across Seven Properties

Myrtle Beach

Seaside Resorts implements IDeaS’ automated, demand-driven intelligence to streamline and optimize its revenue management processes

MINNEAPOLIS—Dec. 12, 2019—IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the world’s leading provider of revenue management software and services, announced today it will implement IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (RMS) across Myrtle Beach Seaside Resorts’ independent seven-property portfolio.

Looking to improve a labor-intensive, manual revenue management process, Seaside Resorts will integrate IDeaS with Maestro’s rate rules engine, as well as complement its NAVIS system, to enhance its total connected hotel technology ecosystem.

  • Automated efficiency – IDeaS G3 RMS will bring automated, demand-driven intelligence to replace Seaside Resorts’ spreadsheet driven, time-consuming revenue management process.
  • Granular room-type pricing – With a wide array of room types across nearly 800 rooms, Seaside Resorts will leverage G3 RMS to streamline and optimize its room-type rates.
  • A steady gauge in an uncertain economy – In the face of growing economic uncertainty, Seaside Resorts intends to lean on IDeaS’ technology to offset any market or industry challenges in the year to come.

Chris Shroff, chief operating officer and co-owner, Seaside Resorts, said: “We have always been for automation. Managing inventory manually by hand causes mistakes. In seeking out IDeaS, we wanted to get away from human error and be able to listen more to the computer, to unemotional decisions based on data and facts. It’s easy to measure supply, but it’s difficult to measure true demand without advanced technology like IDeaS.”

Helen Staton, director of reservations and revenue management, Seaside Resorts, said: “With IDeaS, we look forward to being able to look farther out into the future and make informed rate changes faster. It’s hard to get a forecast on a weekly or monthly basis to each of our seven properties. To be able to provide that so they can staff appropriately is important to me.”

Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, president, founder and chief scientist, IDeaS, said: “Seaside Resorts brings a higher quality of development to the Myrtle Beach market, setting a higher industry standard. IDeaS is honored to partner with this independent, family-owned and operated establishment in driving greater profitability and productivity.”

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