IDeaS Unveils Portfolio Navigator for Multi-Property Revenue Management Automation

Ongoing innovation results in a powerful solution to enable efficient revenue management at scale

BERLIN—March 5, 2024—ITB Booth #110 Hall 8.1 (Messe Berlin) IDeaS, a SAS company, the world’s leading provider of hospitality revenue management software and services, announced today the release of G3 RMS Portfolio Navigator, the next innovation in multi-property revenue management. Portfolio Navigator provides powerful automation to identify, prioritize, and act on the most important revenue-impacting decisions. This reduces execution costs by enabling multi-property and corporate revenue leaders to deploy and manage revenue strategy quickly, confidently, and consistently at scale.

Multi-property revenue management teams are often challenged to understand and act quickly upon critical revenue management decisions. They often use multiple tools and data sources to identify trends, changes in pickup, forecasts, pricing, and market position. These methods do not scale and fail to answer the most important questions for multi-property revenue leaders. Portfolio Navigator solves these issues by boosting the power of G3 RMS to help them gain answers to their most important questions.

  • Quickly detect business anomalies and receive automated solutions – Portfolio Navigator analyzes business and market movement to highlight revenue opportunities and the corresponding action items needed to capitalize on them. This removes the laborious need to decide on a new strategy and action on one property at a time while enabling quick responses to business or market changes to generate optimal revenues.
  • Deploy revenue strategies to multiple properties from a single platform – Portfolio Navigator provides a centralized view of all properties’ performance and serves as a single point of deployment for revenue management decisions and system configuration changes. This time-saving capability eliminates the need for tedious adjustments to individual properties’ revenue management systems.
  • Centralize property and team member key performance indicators on a single dashboard – With centralized property performance metrics in a single view; it’s easier than ever for corporate or cluster users to gain a quick, real-time overview of their portfolio’s business health and individual team member performance. This saves time from manual data consolidation and enables better revenue decision-making for the entire estate and revenue team.

Sanjay Nagalia, co-founder, chief operating officer & chief technology officer, IDeaS, said: “IDeaS is committed to ensuring our customers, regardless of size, have the tools they need to become more efficient and productive. The addition of Portfolio Navigator to our flagship product, G3 RMS, is a game changer for multi-property revenue management. It helps teams highlight suboptimal business or system conditions by property, prioritize tasks with the highest revenue impact, display outstanding revenue tasks by individual property, and scale revenue operations and brand contribution. This functionality helps revenue management leaders turn insights into impactful commercial actions at scale.”

About IDeaS

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