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From optimizing controls to enabling a culture of revenue enhancement, IDeaS’ all-in-one, easy-to-use hospitality revenue management systems will empower you to quickly reach new levels of profitability.

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How can you benefit from IDeaS’ hotel revenue management systems?

Revenue Managers

Today’s revenue managers have outgrown spreadsheets and understand the need for more power, precision and predictability.

General Managers

General managers have enough responsibilities without having to worry about tasks that can easily be automated — saving everyone time and money.

Corporate Executives

In order to stay competitive, VPs and other decision-makers require a trustworthy hotel revenue management system that allows them to build a sustainable revenue culture.

IDeaS Hotel Revenue Management Software

  • IDeaS G3 RMS
  • IDeaS RMS
  • IDeaS FMS

Why settle for rules-based, pricing-recommendation tools? G3 Revenue Management Solution (G3 RMS) is a system that delivers scientific pricing decisions at the room type and rate code level to drive optimal revenue performance.

Proven analytics

SAS® High Performance Analytics incorporate multiple hotel and market data sources to accurately learn, adapt and forecast guest and market demand patterns

Data-driven decisions

Interactive and automated pricing, restriction and overbooking decisions maximize RevPAR across available demand and room-type upgrades

Deep learning

The G3 hospitality revenue management system (G3 RMS) continually re-optimizes controls using deep insight into demand, cancellation and no-show patterns, price sensitivity and market behavior

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screenshot of IDeaS' G3 RMS showing revenue forecasts

IDeaS G3 Revenue
Management System

Flexible Ideal Pricing options support hotel revenue management strategies of any property type, size and location to provide a customized fit that works for your guests.

Choose the best fit — Price to meet your hotel’s needs—with multiple pricing approaches to suit guest purchasing preferences, stay patterns and behavior

Unique business controls — Optimize the unique characteristics of your business, including resorts and extended stay, with per-person pricing and component room capabilities

Dynamic, flexible pricing — Drive incremental revenue by analytically optimizing prices for the core products you sell by room type, season, day of week and days to arrival

IDeaS’ powerful Group Pricing feature goes beyond displacement analysis and group ADR growth and accepts the most profitable group business by evaluating displacement, total profit and the likely group willingness to pay.

Make profitable decisions — Quickly weigh group inquiry profitability against potentially displaced business profitability to accept the most valuable business

Price by room type — Provide analytically optimized price quotes that consider overall group profitability for groups contracted at run-of-house or room-type levels

Identify optimal group placement — Instantly analyze multiple dates and locations across your portfolio to maximize incremental profitability from options that meet the group’s needs

Key IDeaS G3 RMS features provide informative and easy-to-use dashboards and workflows that drive productivity and precision.

Information Manager — Guides user workflow while identifying opportunities to maximize revenue, such as alerting you to out-of-order rooms or overrides

What-if Analysis — Quickly simulate the impact that pricing, demand, wash and overbooking decisions have on forecasts and pricing—prior to making changes

Flexible Dashboards – Increase productivity with configurable dashboards you can personalize with information critical to your job role

Investigator for IDeaS G3 RMS helps you understand and build confidence in how your pricing outputs were derived.

Provides clarity — Easily view data points that drive pricing decisions such as competitors, demand, price sensitivity, pace and price ranking

Gives you control — Immediately recognize how configuration impacts pricing and quickly analyze competitor rates, demand, pace and more

Delivers confidence — Expertly communicate price reasoning with key stakeholders and gain alignment on pricing strategy across departments

IDeaS RMS for hotels provides reliable and up-to-date information that empowers revenue managers to book the best guests at the best time for the best rate.

Forecast demand with precision
Accurately forecast your business demand using powerful analytics that analyze relevant hotel and market data.

Optimize business mix
Our proprietary revenue management software optimizes business mix by managing product availability based on value and drives both shoulder night and room type performance. 

Manage sell-outs
Optimize overbooking to account for cancellations, no-shows and group wash across all market segments and grow on-site spend with a hotel RMS. 

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screenshot of IDeaS' revenue management system showing projections on a calendar

IDeaS Revenue Management System Highlights

Advanced forecasting, pricing, rate availability and sell-out efficiency for hotels of all types and sizes.

Price with confidence
Determine optimal pricing by market segment for each arrival date and length of stay, delivering the appropriate pricing in every situation

Multiple pricing choices
Analytically price by day or length of stay while accounting for key demand factors such as seasonality, lead time, day of week and stay length

Powerful group pricing
Evaluate the best dates and property to place group business while understanding expected displacement and profitability

Intuitive user interface and workflow focuses on management by exception so users spend less time on daily tasks and more time on strategy

Proactive alerts
User-defined alerts proactively monitor the system’s key changes, providing notifications when business conditions significantly shift

Increase operational efficiency
Drive your operational efficiency with business insights, proactive monitoring, trends and exceptions, pace and marketing results

Multiple reporting options
Visual heat map calendars, interactive dashboards and scheduled reports keep users of all levels informed and engaged

IDeaS Forecast Management System provides an affordable and user-friendly solution for dramatically enhanced forecasting and reporting capabilities.

Powerful business forecast
In-depth forecasting incorporates detailed information on recent trends, special events and past data.

View key metrics
Easily compare your hotel’s performance against your goals with an easy-to-understand snapshot that shows trends, forecasting, booking pace and more.

Flexible reporting
Custom and standard reporting features were designed for quick access from anywhere at any time.

screenshot of IDeaS' forecast management system showing multiple line graphs

At-a-Glance Product Comparisons

IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System
IDeaS Revenue Management System
IDeaS Forecast Management System

Room Type Pricing & Rate Restrictions, Hotel & Room Type Overbooking

Market Segment Pricing, Hotel Rate Restrictions & Overbooking

Market Segment Pricing


Unconstrained Demand, Occupancy

Unconstrained Demand, Occupancy



Daily, Length of Stay, Continuous Pricing, Agile Rates, Function Space, Group

Daily, Length of Stay, Function Space, Group



Competitor, Reputation, STR Demand360

Competitor, Reputation, STR

Competitor, Reputation, STR


Alerts, Information Manager, What-If, Mobile, Alexa, Google, Siri Interface

Alerts, Mobile

Alerts, Mobile


Market Segment by Room Type

Market Segment

Market Segment





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“By restructuring our rates and trusting IDeaS’ advanced analytics, we’ve seen consecutive months of record-breaking revenue performance.”
— Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

“IDeaS G3 RMS continues to help us outperform ourselves, month after month. Occupancy is up and ADR continues to grow and exceed expectations. ”
— The Umstead Hotel & Spa

“We’re really impressed by the automation capabilities and unique room class strategy of IDeaS G3 RMS.”
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