The 12 Gifts of RMS: Performance Support

For the second gift of revenue management, my RMS gave to me on-demand performance support

And a dashboard with revenue to oversee

With technology systems continually improving, redesigning and updating workflows, it’s become increasingly challenging for users to keep up with all of the newness. In fact, the time an employee spends trying to navigate and learn new technology negatively cuts into their overall productivity on the job.

Performance support (learning that is readily accessible in the moment of need) has become critical in boosting the performance of today’s revenue managers. To address lag times from starting a role to fulfilling a role’s responsibilities effectively, many hoteliers are turning to advanced hospitality learning technologies to drive change in their strategies.

Automated technologies focus on improving both system and employee interactions. These new technologies push information to users at the moment they need to perform an unfamiliar task. With near real-time access to information, these sophisticated learning platforms transition away from teaching employees system specifics and focus on training them how to process information and solve business problems.

Performance support technology has long advanced past the point of providing handouts with screenshots and procedural steps. The best learning platforms now incorporate gamification, serve employees with real situations to work through and give the ability to practice solving these problems. This helps hotels retain and train their employees, which are both huge advantages in a high turnover industry such as hospitality.

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