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Revenue Optimization

In today’s competitive landscape, revenue optimization is paramount for maximizing financial outcomes in the hospitality industry. From forecasting demand to implementing strategic pricing, this ebook delves into the four core functions of revenue optimization: forecasting, optimizing, controlling, and monitoring. Learn how to harness these principles to drive increased revenue and profitability, ensuring your hospitality organization achieves its full potential.

Breaking the Rules with Demand-based Dynamic Pricing

To make progress, sometimes it’s necessary to break the rules. With a dynamic demand-based pricing approach, hoteliers can have the confidence they’re leveraging the latest tools and methodologies to achieve the most profitable business mix, whether managing revenue at the property, regional, or enterprise level.

Demand vs. Occupancy Forecast

Demand and occupancy forecasts share one important goal: providing the foresight and insights hoteliers need. This enables them to capture the optimal business mix that maximizes revenue and profitability across the property. To optimize performance, hoteliers require a keen understanding of both types of forecasts.

Dynamic Demand Forecasting

It’s time for a more dynamic approach to demand forecasting. By taking a dynamic approach to demand forecasting, hoteliers can harness advances in forecasting methodology, data analysis, and technology to adapt to constantly changing conditions and produce optimal financial outcomes—even in times of uncertainty.

Moving Beyond the Myths of Revenue Management: Why boutique hotels can’t afford to do it manually anymore

Many boutique and independent hotel owners hesitate to invest in revenue technology due to outdated misconceptions. However, modern revenue management systems are now user-friendly, feature-rich, and highly automated. They also cater to properties with limited staff.

To debunk these myths, we’ve gathered insights from industry leaders, demonstrating how investing in a high-performance RMS can drive market share and profitability for any property.

Future Forecast: 6 Hotel Technology Predictions for 2024

What’s in store for 2024? We set the stage with 6 predictions we believe will shape the year to come for the hospitality industry.

Hospitality Revenue Management Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Maximize revenue. Boost your bottom line. Save time. Increase efficiency. Streamline communication. Discover what’s possible with a
revenue management system. Download our latest guide.

Getting Started Guide: Meetings & Events Revenue Strategy

Can you hear the roar? That’s right, meetings & events are back. According to Knowland, meetings & events in the US are forecasted to recover to 106.4% of 2019 levels in 2023, and it has never been more important to unlock the full potential of your function space. Learn how to take the principles of revenue management beyond the guest room and build rock-solid meetings & events revenue strategies.

The Revenue Optimization Handbook for New Hotels

Whether you’re an asset manager or developer just breaking ground or an owner looking at paint swatches, this guide is designed to help you understand the full scope and gravity of the revenue management decisions and investments you make—well before you greet that very first guest.

The Lifecycle of Hotel Revenue Management

An RMS is more than a short-term solution for your hotel. It’s an investment in the long-term profitability of your business and a partnership with trusted industry experts. No hotel is created equal, and there will be many different periods in a hotel’s existence that require a change in approach to revenue management. Learn more about how your hotel can benefit from an RMS throughout its entire lifecycle.

The Hotelier’s Field Guide to Total Revenue Forecasting

Whether your organization has sights set on total revenue management or profit optimization, both require visibility and forecasting for your entire business. In this guide, we’ll show you how to lead your organization and take that next step along the path with total revenue forecasting, from aligning departments under common objectives, to leveraging new tools and data, to adopting new metrics for tracking performance.


IDeaS & Hudson Crossing Attribute-Based Pricing

Guest expectations are evolving, and the hotel of tomorrow needs to be prepared to meet them. IDeaS has partnered with Hudson Crossing to explore the often discussed but perhaps inadequately understood concepts of attribute-based shopping (ABS) and attribute-based pricing (ABP)—the means by which a revenue manager can provide guests an ABS experience—and seek to establish a lexicon to help guide hoteliers and technology providers as the industry pushes toward these novel solutions.


The House That Analytics Built: What Revenue Leaders Should Know About the Analytical Architecture Behind Advanced Revenue Technology

Today’s analytics help organizations move beyond legacy revenue management to leverage advanced data and forecasting capabilities to explore, predict, and optimize results. This guide presents the analytical considerations business leaders can use to raise the roof on their revenue.


Parking Revenue Management Buyer’s Guide

A Roadmap for Evaluating Demand-Based, Dynamic-Pricing Technology

When considering revenue management systems and other pricing tools for your parking operation, there are a number of complexities to keep in mind beyond merely selecting a platform. This guide will help you understand revenue management fundamentals, formulate a business case, prepare your business, and evaluate and select a technology partner.


Major Events Strategy eBook

To properly prepare for a major event, hoteliers need to consider a variety of factors, including effective marketing and sales strategies, pricing, and forecasting as well as booking policies and restrictions. To provide guidance to hoteliers on how to plan strategically and maximize revenues when the big game comes to town, IDeaS conducted the following analysis and arrived at these findings and recommendations.


IDeaS + Skift: Rethinking Revenue Strategy Guide

A hotelier’s guide to thriving in an era of disruption. This strategy guide provides insights into why hospitality brands must transform how they approach revenue management, the specific capabilities they need to succeed, and how they can actually go about developing these capabilities.


Laying The Foundation for Car Park Revenue Management

Revenue management is transitioning from being a pioneering (and often misunderstood) approach in parking to becoming a central force in a parking organization’s ability to manage demand and drive profitability. Read our white paper to learn more.


IDeaS Revenue Perspectives: Volume 4

It’s not easy to keep up with the rate of technological advancement and the latest industry trends. That’s why IDeaS Revenue Solutions created this guide to provide fast access to thought-leading articles on the latest developments in the field of revenue management and the technology that will define the future of our industry.


Car Park Revenue Management: Is Money Being Left In the Parking Lot?

The car park industry has been quick to recognize and adopt well-established revenue management practices from a variety of other industries. However, we commonly hear car park operators ask, “Can I truly optimize my car park’s revenue by adjusting rates through our online booking system?” This white paper digs into that question to answer another: how are parking operations leaving money behind?


2018 Smart Decision Guide

This Smart Decision Guide is intended for decision makers, including hotel and resort operators, property managers and owners, who are looking to bring the science of next-generation Hospitality Revenue Management to their businesses.


Analytics: The Performance Driver for Car Park Revenue Management

The car park industry has been quick to recognize and adopt well-established revenue management practices from a variety of other industries. However, we commonly hear car park operators ask, “Can I truly optimize my car park’s revenue by adjusting rates through our online booking system?” This white paper digs into that question to answer another: how are parking operations leaving money behind?


10 Pro Tips to Elevate Your Revenue Strategy

There’s a fine line between love and hate. The same could be said for your revenue strategy and how it impacts hotel profits. Strategic and insightful moves result in rich and profitable rewards. But the use of uncertain revenue approaches just might leave you dealing with the heartbreak of disappointing KPIs and mediocre market performance. This white paper outlines 10 ways you can improve your hotel’s revenue strategy.


Revenue Perspectives: Quick Hits For Strategic Revenue Insights

In an industry with as many trending topics as there are hotels, it can be hard to keep up with the latest & greatest. Download our free guide to read about the top revenue insights your hotel needs to compete effectively in your market & increase profitability.


The Ultimate Guide to Drive Direct Business and Better Revenue

IDeaS Revenue Solutions and FASTBOOKING have teamed up to bring you this revolutionary new eBook with industry-leading insights to help your hotel organization drive direct business – and better revenue.


A Revenue Manager’s Guide to Understanding Price Optimization

Revenue management has evolved into a very different science from what it was when airlines first started using it in the mid-1970s – and is common throughout today’s travel and hospitality sub-industries.  However, as the practice has expanded, the science behind revenue management has also been influenced. Our recent white paper offers today’s revenue managers a helpful guide to understanding price optimization in revenue management.


Optimizing Revenue Performance: A Guide to Advancing Your Revenue Management Strategy

Not all technology platform capabilities are the same – and some are proven to return higher financial upsides than others. Download the newest eBook from Starfleet Research for an in-depth guide on why next-gen revenue management means implementing the right technology, organizational resources, culture and business processes.


Are You Awash in the Sea of Competitive Price Intelligence? Let Analytics be Your Life Raft

Many hotels still manage revenue, pricing and forecasting by relying heavily on spreadsheets and reports. But at a time where internet distribution is at an all-time high – and potential customers are shopping hotel rates directly from their iPads – it’s clear that spreadsheets are no longer enough.

Check out one of our newest white papers about the importance of competitor pricing and the methods for incorporating competitive pricing to support optimized pricing and revenue management.


12 Advantages of Revenue Management Technology

Hotels invest big in their revenue management software – and these significant investments mean it’s extremely important to recognize that revenue management technology brings unrivaled advantages to a hotel’s business. From reputation insights to group business management to powerful analytics, revenue management technology helps hotels big and small take their revenue potential to unparalleled levels.

Access the newest eBook from IDeaS Revenue Solutions that breaks down 12 advantages of today’s best-in-class revenue management systems.


Ideal Pricing for a Hotel’s Ideal Revenue Management Strategy

No two hotels are identical to one another – and a one-size-fits-all pricing approach won’t drive optimal revenue performance for every single hotel. Access our newest white paper on the three pricing methodologies available for today’s hotels, who they work best for and the considerations all hotels need to evaluate before establishing their public rate structure.


What’s Old is New Again: Machine Learning in Revenue Management Technology

Machine learning has been popping up in recent revenue management discussions around today’s technology. Learn more about the detailed process of machine learning, the types of problems its application works well for and how IDeaS has long been incorporating this process into its analytics in this revealing new white paper.


Car Park Revenue Management – Driving Profitability Like Never Before

Reservation systems are an important business component for many airport parking operations; however, these businesses are now face-to-face with another set of business challenges. Download the white paper to learn how your car park organization can grow revenues and implement improved revenue management practices for better pricing decisions.


Revenue Management Ingredients

Go back to the basics & dish up better revenue results with these quality ingredients from the world’s leader in revenue management. This eBook combines proven best practices to help you mix the right ingredients, proportions and flavors into the right revenue management recipe for long term revenue performance.


What your revenue management system should be doing for you

Few systems that hoteliers interact with are as analytically advanced as their revenue management system – and these systems also need to keep up with business changes. Is your system keeping up?


Revenue management in the age of Big Data: is more data equal to better data?

This paper provides recommendations on how to think about your revenue management in the age of Big Data.


Use of regrets and denials data in demand forecasting: simply unreliable

Historical demand has long been a critical component of dynamic pricing and Revenue Management Systems. An even more critical requirement for Revenue Management Systems is the unconstrained demand, which is the true demand for a particular product in the absence of any limitations such as when a room or seat is unavailable to purchase.


Pursuing total revenue performance: The ideal is becoming possible

Businesses in virtually every industry recognize the need to take a more holistic approach to their forecasting and revenue optimization.