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IDeaS & TravelClick – An Innovative Partnership for Recovering Hotels

The new BAR by LOS functionality in IDeaS’ integration with TravelClick brings clear and actionable data insights to help recovering hotels enhance revenue and guest satisfaction.

IDeaS and TravelClick, an Amadeus company, have a well-established history of innovating and integrating to better serve the hotel industry, and the current crisis we face has only amplified these efforts. Working together over the past several months, we’ve created a new opportunity to bolster our mutual clients’ recovery strategies.

By providing guests a more attractive BAR rate based on their LOS, hoteliers can continue to protect their revenue performance while providing greater customer satisfaction. For the uninitiated:

Best Available Rate (BAR) – The lowest non-restricted rate bookable by all guests. This rate can change several times a week and up to several times a day.

Length of Stay (LOS) – The number of nights a guest stays at a hotel. This value is also the difference between the departure date and the arrival date.

BAR by LOS – An advanced pricing method which scientifically charges one blended rate based upon the arrival date and total duration of a guest’s stay. Guests see one uniform price versus daily pricing which produces a different rate for each night of a guest’s stay.

With the introduction of BAR by LOS functionality into our integration with TravelClick’s central reservations system, we have built an advanced pricing capability. Our joint clients will be enabled to protect average daily rate (ADR) while incentivizing guests to book longer stays by presenting more enticing rates to guests the longer they choose to stay.

The systems will automatically adjust the BAR rate presented to a guest based on the LOS they enter. This delivers a completely flexible BAR that is monitored and altered by the system on the back end without the need for further input from hoteliers. This functionality can be especially beneficial for properties looking to attract a wider range of guest types and segments—a critical recovery tactic now for many resorts—by offering the right price to right person.

“As part of effective crisis management and recovery strategies, we’ve been advising hotels to try and maintain ADR and get creative with other types of value to offer guests,” said Peter Waters, EVP hospitality media and distribution at Amadeus. “This integration provides the ability to hold ADR for shorter stays, while giving a better rate for a longer stay without forcing hoteliers to merchandise a discount. It’s also an easy ‘set-and-forget’ tactic that will free hoteliers up to optimize revenue in other ways and allow them to work smarter, not harder. We were very pleased to be able to leverage our excellent partnership with IDeaS to deliver on the strategies we’ve been recommending to our clients.”

IDeaS is committed to leading the hotel industry through this recovery period with tools that support operational efficiency, intelligent decision-making, and enhanced profitability. The new BAR by LOS functionality with TravelClick, which is set to go live in October, is one of many enhancements we’ve deployed to aid our clients during this difficult time.

Explore additional crisis management and recovery resources in IDeaS’ hotel industry support hub and Amadeus’ dedicated recovery portal to discover new ways to support your evolving recovery strategies.

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