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Why Attend Converge 2024? 4 Top Reasons to Meet Us in Miami

Every year, IDeaS gathers some of the brightest minds in hospitality revenue management for our annual Converge Hospitality Revenue Summit. This can’t-miss event empowers our valued clients to achieve unprecedented growth through exclusive access to the latest trends, strategies, and technological innovations emerging across the rapidly evolving hospitality industry.

This year, the event will embrace the theme of “The Power of One,” a philosophy that innovation only needs to start with one idea, and that every person, every moment, and every decision made within an organization has the potential to create lasting positive change. 

With the summit right around the corner, taking place in Miami, FL on July 23-24, we wanted to take an opportunity reveal some key reasons we think you should attend the event.  

4 Compelling reasons to register and join us at Converge 2024 

 1. Grow Your Network During the Converge Summit Welcome Reception 

With hundreds of leading hospitality revenue pros all—forgive us—converging in one place, this summit presents a fantastic opportunity to grow your professional network and make potentially transformative connections. Never underestimate the power of networking when it comes to taking your business to the next level. After all, having even just one insightful conversation or establishing one new industry connection could end up being the catalyst for a world of both personal and professional growth.  

This is why every Converge summit kicks off with a fun and networking-friendly welcome reception—and this year is no exception. In addition to enjoying refreshing cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental hotel, attendees will have an exclusive opportunity to meet and mingle with leading revenue management peers and IDeaS experts as well as representatives from our sponsors, including Amadeus, AWS, Oaky and Agilysys 

2. Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look into Product Developments 

Whether it’s a brand new product feature or useful update to existing features, being in the know as early as possible can go a long way toward leveraging IDeaS’ suite of solutions to their full potential.  

At this year’s Converge summit, attendees will benefit from an exclusive first look at what’s to come in terms of product and feature development. IDeaS co-founder, Chief Operating Officer and Technology Officer, Sanjay Nagalia, will reveal recent upgrades and innovations as well as an exclusive first-look at forthcoming improvements in the development pipeline.   

3. Connect with Solutions Experts at Learning Lab Kiosks 

While there are plenty of ways to learn about our wide range of solutions and their features on your own, there’s no substitute for looking directly under the hood with the help of IDeaS experts.  

This year, Converge provides the chance to meet one-on-one and brainstorm with IDeaS solution experts at our learning lab kiosks. It’s here where you’ll deepen your knowledge of our various products, their capabilities, and most importantly how to utilize them in a way that helps you more easily meet your organization’s unique revenue management goals. At this year’s kiosks, expect an up-close look into everything from Portfolio Navigator and Optix, to our growing body of Meetings and Events solutions.  

4. Gain Insights from a Stellar Lineup of Industry Expert Presentations  

Finally, no Converge summit would be complete without a series of insightful and engaging presentations from top revenue management professionals, officers, and strategists from our organization and across the hospitality sector. In addition to a handful of exciting keynote speakers (announcements coming soon!), this year’s lineup will include in-depth explorations of our industry’s most pressing topics, delivered by expert speakers from both the IDeaS family as well as our customers and partners. 

 Subjects and presentations include: 

  • One Team, One Goal: Unifying Sales and Revenue Management for Function Space Profitability: Sam Hassanein, Director of Global Solutions Engineering at IDeaS and Felix Llibre, Director of Sales at Loews Coral Gables Hotel, share how, with the right tools in place, a collaborative approach between sales and revenue management can revolutionize your approach to function space profitability. 
  • “Why?” How Asking This One Question Will Improve Your Strategy: Maricarmen Cardenas, Regional Solutions Engineer at IDeaS and Rob Darrow, Corporate Director of Revenue Strategy at AutoCamp highlight how business intelligence tools, paired with a simple question, can drive revenue strategy improvements. 
  • Decoding the Mystery: A Deep Dive into Generative AI: Ben Ding, Director of Advanced Analytics R&D at IDeaS explores the hot topic of generative AI and its transformative potential for hotels. 
  • New Frontiers in Advanced Optimization: A First Look into Multi-Objective and Risk-Aware Pricing: Xiaodong Yao, Director of Advanced Analytics R&D at IDeaS offers a peek behind the curtain to show how sophisticated optimization approaches can simultaneously balance competing objectives while minimizing risk. 
  • One View, One Click, One Powerful Solution: IDeaS Portfolio Navigator: Joyce de Kruif, Principal Industry Consultant at IDeaS, shares how our latest innovation, Portfolio Navigator, enables multi-property revenue operations to efficiently identify risks and opportunities across their portfolio and deploy critical business decisions at scale. 
  • The Power of One More Night: A Lesson with Dr. Ravi: Always a crowd favorite, Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, IDeaS Chief Scientist and co-founder, takes attendees to school with an enlightening breakdown of the science behind IDeaS’ “opportunity cost” approach to optimization, Last Room Value, and more.
  • The Power of Precision Forecasting: Elevating Profitability One Percentage Point at a Time: Laura McNally, Area Director of Account Management, illustrates how even marginal forecasting improvements can lead to substantial shifts in your hotel’s profitability. 

See you in Miami? 

As attendees will learn, one single decision can be a powerful catalyst for positive change—and your decision to join us in Miami can be the first of many on the road to revenue management excellence.  

Secure your spot at this year’s summit. Register today via the Converge 2024 event page.

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