Blake Madril

Blake is responsible for helping clients of IDeaS implement revenue technology and optimize profitability. Before joining IDeaS, Blake worked for individual hotel properties and a corporate management team. His roles ranged from operations manager to convention services director to corporate director of revenue management.


Shift Happens – How Revenue Science Adapts for a Post-Pandemic World

  With so little demand in so many markets, what good is demand-based, data-driven revenue technology? It’s common in times of uncertainty to question that…

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Reputation Webinar

Revenue & Reputation Management – Bringing Data Together

  Let’s see what IDeaS’ partners OTA Insight and TrustYou have to say about how our system integrations are transforming the hospitality industry. Three hotel…

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Space Race 2020s

7 Travel Trends & Tech to Expect in the New Decade

  The travel industry is set to break through barriers of reality, resources and even the upper atmosphere in the 2020s. We are now well…

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Wholesale Blog

Turning Major Disruption in Wholesale into Major Opportunity for Revenue Strategy

Resorts and hotels are looking to expand their swim lanes and make third-party fixed rates and allotments include a more direct, yieldable pricing strategy. After…

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Happy Birthday IDeaS

Happy Birthday, IDeaS! The Top Three Signs You’ve Reached Your 30s

  Like so many other gnarly natives of the 1980s, IDeaS is now three decades old and feeling better than ever IDeaS turning 30 got…

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Have you noticed? Resorts Are Getting Personal.

See how resorts are tapping into personalized pricing without using all your personal data My work on the IDeaS Consulting Services team took me to…

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I’ll See Your ROI and Raise You an ROU

  ROU is the new ROI IDeaS calculates a hotel’s ROU with a refined, two-step process to measure the benefits of a fully automated revenue…

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Can I Get That Revenue Strategy to Go?

  You’re always on the go — take your data with you The best RMS brings together all of your meaningful data into the cloud…

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Best Available Rate: “Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated!”

  BAR, wanted dead or alive? BAR was created as a method to establish a hierarchy for various rate plans True revenue strategy comes with…

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To Book or To Stay: That is the Question

  Whether ‘tis nobler in revenue strategy to suffer the reservations and upgrades of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of data,…

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