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JoAnne Banner

The Science of Storytelling – My Unplanned Tech Career

In honor of Women’s History Month, IDeaS’ resident marketing analyst reflects on how her unexpected path into the tech industry took her right where she belonged.


Arrive with IDeaS

Life’s a journey—so is your revenue strategy. Where do you want to go?

Best Practices

Hospitality Revenue Management Best Practices

Regardless of experience level in the hospitality industry, maximizing revenue management best practices will go a long way in increasing profitability.

5 Commercial Steps

Commercial Transformation – How to Level-Up Your Hospitality Organization

Here are five key steps to include in your hotel’s commercial strategy digital transformation playbook.

Comp Set

Sizing Up Your Hotel’s 2022 Comp Set

Knowing who you’re competing against is critical, and given the industry upheaval we’ve faced over the past two years, your comp set may be up for review.

G3 RMS Science

How It’s Made: The Science Behind G3 RMS

Pay attention to that man behind the curtain—as he opens the hood of the industry’s leading revenue science engine.


Cheers from IDeaS!

As we close the book on another unforgettable year, we invite you to raise a glass with IDeaS in a toast to all you’ve accomplished and all that’s yet to come.

Hospitality 2022

Facing Hospitality & Travel’s Greatest Challenges, Together

A changed industry requires a changed commercial organization. Are you ready for 2022?

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