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Twice in a (Work) Lifetime – A Tale of Two Tech Companies

By , Manager, Product Marketing


A brief look at two chapters from my tech career and a few things about those companies that made all the difference

In a marketing career spanning many high-tech industries, two software companies stand out for possessing my three golden tenets of worthiness (i.e., they’re great places to work):

  1. An environment filled with exceptional employee spirit and camaraderie
  2. Many gifted developers and scientists who continually push the envelope
  3. A service model with an unending passion for doing what’s right for the client

The first company was a small software start-up that developed an image-editing program, PaintShop Pro (PSP), that began life as a humble shareware utility. With input from users, PSP evolved into a one-of-a-kind tool that appealed to novices and experts alike. I worked there during the glory years when PSP’s reach steadily increased as digital photography went mainstream.

PSP enables users to edit photos and create graphics. Users could go as far as their imagination and creativity allowed. They were not limited in functionality—there were no walls to hit. On top of it all, the program delivered value with many more (and unique) features than its major competitor at a fraction of the price.








My current employer is an innovative leader of data-analytics software products. IDeaS pioneered the principles and technology behind revenue science, creating robust solutions for the hospitality and travel industry to optimize profitability and productivity. We enable companies to sell products in a way that predicts customer buying behavior and dynamically adjusts pricing and inventory restrictions to select the most profitable business.

In comparing these two companies, past and present, there are common factors, IMO, that make them leaders in their respective marketplaces and keep me feeling inspired on a daily basis.

  • Stick to what’s important. Private ownership enables exploration and growth without investor pressures, allowing products to organically stem from client needs and feedback.
  • Provide variety and choice. Both solutions provide automation, precision, time savings and a growth path. Analytics perform the technical heavy lifting yet give users opportunity to provide input.
  • Generate continual value. Providing unique features that go beyond the competition gives users the ability to accomplish tasks, save time and make more money.
  • Foster client loyalty. Users know their voice counts as evidenced in the addition of new features that solve unique business challenges and deliver measurable results.
  • Engage development and support. From the software developers to those who support ongoing client use, everyone truly cares about helping clients get more from their software investment.
  • More than just coworkers. The many women and men in marketing and sales (and beyond) make it a pleasure to spend countless hours sharing a common goal of advancing adoption and client success.

Because of these common factors, both PaintShop Pro and IDeaS have a strong, loyal client base that understands the value of a rock-solid, groundbreaking product. I feel fortunate to have participated in the wonders of both of these company environments. The rich experiences they’ve delivered to my work-life, along with the many great relationships I’ve made along the way, have made me feel truly rewarded by and passionate about my career in the technology industry.

Bonnie Clay
Manager, Product Marketing

As a creative, multi-talented revenue technology professional, Bonnie enjoys the challenge of understanding, influencing, and driving prospect and client journeys. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from St. Cloud State University and an MBA in Marketing from the University of St. Thomas. When she’s not footing the bill for her two daughters, she’s in her backyard marsh mastering the art of scything or reading J. Peterman Company catalogs on her front porch.

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