Bonnie Clay

As a creative, multi-talented revenue technology professional, Bonnie enjoys the challenge of understanding, influencing, and driving prospect and client journeys. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from St. Cloud State University and an MBA in Marketing from the University of St. Thomas. When she’s not footing the bill for her two daughters, she’s in her backyard marsh mastering the art of scything or reading J. Peterman Company catalogs on her front porch.

Holiday Gift Guide

Presenting the Holiday Gift Guide for that Special Hotel In Your Life

  ‘Tis it better to give than it is to receive? Why not both? Shop IDeaS—your hotel’s revenue science outfitter. It’s that time of year…

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Women in Tech Blog 2

Twice in a (Work) Lifetime – A Tale of Two Tech Companies

  A brief look at two chapters from my tech career and a few things about those companies that made all the difference In a marketing…

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Channel Performance Revs Up Profits for Hoteliers

By addressing channel performance, hoteliers can optimize pricing and marketing across all channels Cost data can be configured to include fixed and percentage acquisition costs…

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Using Hotel Demand for a Blue Ribbon Strategy

  How small slices of demand impact big-picture forecasts Collecting lost business data is both insurmountable & impractical in forecasting Hotels need to consider all…

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Technology Don’t Work? Shoot It.

Hotels are at an exciting – and potentially scary — point in the arc of revenue technology adoption where some organizations have to make the tough decision to terminate an existing system, or switch technology providers in the pursuit of finding a better fit for their business strategy.

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Manual vs Automatic: Journey to Success with Confidence

  Automated revenue technology allows hotels to seamlessly manage by exception—just like driving a car Blog Soundbites Parallels exist between automated vs. manual transmissions &…

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So Happy Together: Pricing & Inventory Controls

  With the right combination of pricing & inventory controls, hotels reach profit nirvana Blog Soundbites: Pricing & inventory controls combine to drive maximum hotel…

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Know When to Break the Rules

“Flexible rules” are supposed to help hotels adjust their rates when conditions have been met. But rules—even those as descriptive as “flexible”—don’t hold a candle to the profits and power an automated, analytics-based pricing approach by room type can deliver.

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Why Cancelling & Re-Booking is Killing Your Revenue

Why do guests cancel and re-book hotel reservations? Well, that’s easy: Because they can, and because it makes economic sense—people don’t want to spend more money than they have to. In the eye of the traveler, freeing up money on a hotel stay frees up money to spend on other enjoyable aspects of a trip.

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