Six Degrees of Separation…and Bacon

Six degrees of separation is a long-standing theory of Frigyes Karinthy that suggests that everyone is six relationships (or less) away from another person in the world. In its earliest word-of-mouth adaptation, this theory might have sounded something like: “I know that guy – he is my sister’s boyfriend’s mom’s hairdresser’s dog groomer.” Haven’t you […]

Driving Revenue With Dr. Ravi: What’s Under the Hood of Your RMS?

Using different revenue management systems can seem similar to selecting a different type of vehicle to drive. Last year, you were driving a standard Chevy model, but today you’re driving a shiny new Ford. Both vehicles ultimately drive you to your final destination, but you’re likely to notice differences in how smooth of a ride […]

Behind the Scenes With: Dr. Ravi Mehrotra

Through the establishment of IDeaS in 1989, Dr. Mehrotra pioneered the “Opportunity Cost” approach that later became the industry standard for dealing with the complexities of the network or length of stay effects in revenue management. Dr. Mehrotra is a widely-recognized leader in the field of predictive analytics, forecasting and dynamic price optimization.

Oh, No. Not Another Meeting.

You’ve read our recent posts about what you need to give to marketing and what marketing needs to give to you. You’re super pumped up about it and you are ready to take the “interdepartmental plunge” (as I like to affectionately refer to it.) You are going to take revenue opportunities between revenue management and […]

All Day I Dream About…Revenue

In an industry full of acronyms (um, ADR, ARI, KPI, OCC, RevPAR, RGI, anyone?), the mere thought of having to learn two more might just send you over that proverbial edge. But before you go drowning your woes with a couple of cold pints, it might help to know that our two new terms actually […]