Wolf Pack or A-Team?

Revenue managers are often referenced as being solitary individuals who enjoy analyzing reports over working closely with people. I’ve always found this to be slightly humorous since the majority of revenue managers I know are highly sociable individuals (I mean, our industry is known for having a bit of fun.)


Car Park Operators: Are You Ready to Put the Brakes on Spreadsheets?

Forecasting demand and setting the correct rates or tariffs are two challenges commonly shared by the majority of today’s car park facilities.


Behind the Scenes With: Joseph Martino

Joseph Martino serves as Senior Vice President at IDeaS and is responsible for the worldwide Advisory Services and Business Strategy & Development activities. Joseph partners with companies on their revenue performance journey and collaborates in designing pragmatic road maps that increase company revenue and profits.


A Tribute to Revenue Management Past

The HSMAI Revenue Management Advisory Board and SAS began a five-part Industry Insights series that kicked off with a discussion on which revenue management ideas really just need to die already.


Pairing Revenue Management with Limited Service Hotels

The right revenue management practice in a limited service hotel is similar to finding the perfect robust and balanced wine. The flavors of revenue management range from simple to complex and represent different varietals of revenue managers.