Change Is Everywhere: How Is Your Hotel Managing It?

Hotels encounter change every single day, experiencing changes in guests, rates, menus, events and staff.  At an even higher level, hotels experience changes in management, brands, job responsibilities, revenue strategy and guest expectations. Widespread changes in distribution, technology, analytics and industry mergers also affect the hospitality industry in nearly every region. Change management in revenue […]

Upcoming IDeaS & TravelClick Webinar: Revenue Strategy + Market Intelligence

Recently TravelClick and IDeaS announced an industry-leading integration that further optimizes pricing and revenue strategies by incorporating Demand360’s market intelligence into IDeaS Advanced Revenue Solutions. In this webinar you will learn how to leverage industry-leading market intelligence reporting like Demand360 and how integrating this data into your revenue management system will drive a stronger revenue strategy. IDeaS and […]

4 Myths of Revenue Management

Revenue management doesn’t often find itself associated with mythical unicorns or other infamous folklore, but there are still some very common misconceptions that tend to swirl around the importance of its technology within the hospitality industry. Here are four common revenue management myths and why they’ve been officially been busted by today’s automated revenue management […]

Taking Flight: The Science of Revenue Management

Hotel revenue management has evolved into a very different science from what it was when airlines began using it many years ago, and one of the fascinating aspects of observing its evolution is tracing it back to those airline beginnings. Why did airlines initially begin adopting revenue management approaches and how has it evolved to […]

6 Questions to Ask When Investing in a Revenue Management Solution

Having worked intimately with revenue management solutions, implementations and training at many different hotel portfolios such as InterContinental Hotels Group, Shangri-La Hotels, Pan Pacific Hotels and PARKROYAL for nearly two decades, I’ve experienced the effects of successful implementation and change management practices within different organizational ranks of the hotel structure. And having worked diligently with […]

Great Expectations for Hotel Revenue Management

Expectations for the hospitality industry grow stronger with every year – and the shelf life of how long a competitive offering is considered leading-edge before it becomes just another standard guest expectation has dramatically decreased over the recent years. For example, free Wi-Fi and complimentary happy hours – once competitive selling points for hotels – […]

How Fit Is Your Revenue Management Strategy?

As odd as it may sound, healthy weight management and healthy revenue management share many similarities. They both produce spectacular results when a proven strategy is followed with dedication. And conversely, they both quickly fall apart if the balance gets out of whack. Let’s break this down deeper: Perhaps you’re one of those lucky people […]