Hotel RMS Ultimate Buyer’s Guide
Key Considerations for Commercial Success

As we begin to finally see light at the end of this long tunnel, here are five proactive considerations for your hotel’s M&E revenue recovery.

Hotel Ballroom

Get savvy with the tools and skills available to you today to ensure future success for your M&E business.

M&E Survival

IDeaS’ Kate Keisling speaks with iVvy’s Amy Forss about their strategic partnership for advanced venue revenue optimization.

iVvy M&E

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Meetings Events Profit Blog

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Contrary to any widespread belief, hotel meetings and events space does more than just sell guestrooms. In fact, for many hotels, the profit potential of this revenue stream is so significant that it can contribute 40-60% of their total profits. When it comes to leveraging this event space strategically, however, it’s often one of the most overlooked opportunities for substantial revenue generation.

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IDeaS recently announced the acquisition of Smart Space Strategy Limited, a company that pioneered a cloud-based, visual strategy management solution that analyzes the business trends and performance of meeting and event space. This is an exciting acquisition for IDeaS, since it allows our company to further support hotels in developing a holistic and profitable revenue strategy across their entire organization.

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