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My Summer at IDeaS: An Intern’s Story

One intern recaps her eye-opening and unforgettable IDeaS internship. 

Over the summer, I had the privilege to intern with IDeaS at their Bloomington, Minnesota headquarters. I’ll soon return to the University of Wisconsin-Stout to complete my digital marketing technology degree. I can’t believe I only have a few days left until my internship comes to an end. This summer flew by! This experience has been surreal and eye-opening, and there are many wonderful things I’ll remember about this internship.

The Beginning of the Best

There were 10 of us in this year’s class of the IDeaS US Intern Program. All of us worked in various departments including software development, sales, marketing, enablement & engagement, and research & development. Prior to starting our internships, we received a special welcome package in the mail with snacks, IDeaS socks, an intern guidebook, and more. Receiving this package made me even more excited to begin my internship.

On my first day, I had all sorts of feels! I was excited, nervous, happy, anxious—everything at once. I couldn’t believe my internship was finally beginning. I met my fellow interns and we were given a tour of the office. This was the first time I’ve ever worked in a sky-high office building like this one. I was in “awe” the whole time we were given the tour. Next, I was warmly welcomed by my team members and manager. Everyone was friendly and made me feel comfortable right away.

My position as the communications intern on the marketing team gave me a window into what it’s like to work in a fast-paced, global technology company. I’ve learned about the importance of communication not just externally but internally as well. Good internal communication is critical for an organization to stay connected, informed, and engaged.

I saw that each team member brought in their own unique talents and had an area they focused on. Some were graphic designers, content writers, digital marketers, videographers, marketing analysts, social media specialists, etc. Meeting everyone and learning more about their individual roles helped me narrow down the positions I could possibly see myself holding in the future.

“I felt very lucky to be sitting with marketing professionals every day who were passionate in what they do. I was inspired and hopeful that one day I’ll become a marketing professional just like them.”

My Internship Projects

I was given a variety of projects and tasks to work on. One of my main responsibilities was writing. Each week, I’d be in charge of writing articles for an internal e-newsletter. I learned how newsletters were created, and I was able to see the analytics behind each newsletter published. My team also gave me feedback which helped me improve my writing skills. The tight deadlines I had to meet pushed me to learn how to manage time better, especially having to juggle multiple projects and tasks.

Another project I worked on was promoting IDeaS’ internship program through their social media platforms. I was excited to take on this project because I wanted to gain more experience in social media marketing. I was in charge of taking photos of all the events the interns attended and posting them. I learned how to write copy for social posts, how to use hashtags properly, and was introduced to social marketing tools, analytics, editorial calendars, and much more. It was fun being the person behind the social posts and having the creative freedom to write and create content.

These are just some of the projects I’ve worked on over the summer. I loved that I was able to get hands-on experience and control over every project given to me. It showed that my manager and team members trusted and allowed me to learn and grow, even if I happen to make a mistake. Each project taught me something different and valuable I’ll bring with me as I move forward in my marketing career.

My Favorite Moments

IDeaS has an amazing internship program. They were recently added to WayUp’s 2019 Top 100 Internship Programs list. That’s pretty insane considering over 1,000 employers vied for a spot. Being an intern here, I can say the internship program definitely deserved this recognition. Here are a few of my favorite moments from my internship this summer:

Executive Meeting

Executive Coffee + Convo

We met with executives, asked questions, received advice, and learned more about them. Can I also mention this meeting room overlooking Normandale Lake? Such a killer view!


Volunteering Event

We stepped out of the office for an afternoon to volunteer at VEAP, one of the largest food shelves in Minnesota. We sorted and packaged food, and it felt great to give back to the community.

Intern Day

National Intern Day

IDeaS celebrated National Intern Day. IDeaS Intern Program managers took us out for lunch, and we also received a few celebratory gifts on our desks. They sure know how to spoil us here!



Attending HITEC

Valerie (marketing research intern) and I worked at the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC), the world’s largest hotel tech show and data analytics conference, at the Minneapolis Convention Center. We met so many people from different parts of the world. This event was crazy cool! Can we go back in time and attend it again?


Presenting Our Projects

An “End of Internship” event was held just for us to share with the team and executives our projects we’ve been working on this summer. Such a bittersweet and proud moment for all of us!

Special Thanks to IDeaS

From the top down, something I always look for in a company is how well team members treat each other. I can honestly say since day one, each person I’ve met at IDeaS has made me feel valued and respected. I was never judged just because I was the “intern.” Everyone I met extended their hand if I ever needed help or had questions. That’s something I admire about the IDeaS team.

This internship wouldn’t have happened without the strong partnership IDeaS has with UW-Stout’s Career Services. Thank you, IDeaS, for taking a chance on me and giving students the opportunity to learn and gain experience at your company. I’ve learned so much, improved and obtained new skills, made several connections, and overall learned a lot about myself. This has been an adventurous summer and one I will never forget. I am so proud to say I am an IDeaS intern.

Stephanie Vue
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Stephanie Vue will receive her bachelor’s degree in digital marketing technology from the University of Wisconsin-Stout in December of 2019. She worked as a communications intern at IDeaS’ headquarters in Bloomington, Minnesota during the summer of 2019. Her experience includes sales management, marketing for a non-profit organization, and instructional design. She recently discovered her love for product photography and is interested in pursuing a role in marketing for makeup and cosmetics.

Stephanie was born and raised in Menomonie, Wisconsin. In her free time, she enjoys writing her personal blog, thrifting, and spending time with her family, friends, and her two hamsters, Wiley and Gus. She hopes to travel outside of the US for the first time in the near future and has her sights set on Japan. “Be the girl who decided to go for it” is a quote Stephanie lives by every day.

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