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What the Heck’s in Minneapolis? Why IDeaS Is Minnesota-Made and Proud

By , Sr. Content Strategist

Welcome to Minneapolis, HITEC (and also my cousin Scott who just moved down from Fargo)

Back in its infancy, IDeaS laid its roots in Minnesota to better serve our first client, Minneapolis-based Northwest Airlines (later absorbed by Delta). Fast-forward 30 years, and we may have swapped our primary clientele from airlines to hospitality, but settling in the Twin Cities continues to be one of the best early decisions of our founders.

“But Minnesota…isn’t that just frigid flyover country? Who would want to live there?”

Well, I would, for one. Granted I was born here, but I did move away for a bit and made the choice to come back. And many others have done the same. There’s something truly special about this city and state.

Yes, our winters can be brutal, but they also help dissuade people from moving here in droves. Minneapolis is among the best biggish cities one could ask for, but thanks to our perceived remoteness and unfavorable Northerly latitude, we’ve managed to keep this secret largely to ourselves. Until now…

We’re Spilling the Beans

Minneapolis Optimized

Due to our low profile, incoming travelers, especially of the business variety, don’t often realize how much we have to offer. Too many get caught in the transportation shuffle, from the airport to downtown and back, and never get to experience the full scope of Minneapolis, let alone the grandeur of the greater North Star State—did you know we have more shoreline than California, Florida, and Hawaii combined?

So, IDeaS created a visitor’s guide—scientifically deducing our top recommendations of where to go and, more importantly, what to eat—to help our guests optimize their time here. From our favorite parks, bars, and breweries to a self-guided sandwich tour, this book is meant to help out-of-towners bust their bubbles and see more, even when time is of the essence. We also threw some love over to St. Paul, a great city on its own. That’s right, you get two for the price of one with this destination.

Download the guide now and create your own Minne-agenda (sorry, not sorry).

Plus, a Thriving Tech Community

With an intelligent, industrious population, us bold northerners have carved out a decent high-tech hub here in the Minneapolis metro. It’s no Silicon Valley, and we think that’s just fine. We’re down-to-earth, friendly folk who’ll help you dig out your car after a soul-crushing snowstorm or bring over a hot dish if you move next door (read the guide if you’ve never heard of hot dish).

IDeaS has benefitted greatly from all the top tech talent in the area, and we’re doing some pretty great things with the innovative, passionate team we’ve put together.

Star Tribune Top Workplaces

The Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper just honored IDeaS as a Top Workplace. For us at IDeaS, our recognition as a progressive, national standard setting company comes as no surprise. We love working here, and our parent company, SAS, is world-renowned for its excellent workplace culture. And all those great benefits and focus on employee satisfaction trickle down to our own fast-growing, little-big company.

And we’re hiring! After all you’ve just learned, I’m sure you’re dying to move here, and a job at our headquarters is a great way to dive into the Land of 10,000 Lakes—actually closer to 12K, FYI. But even if you’re not ready for a move, IDeaS is a global company, and chances are we’ve got an office or opportunity in your region.

Check out our careers page to view our worldwide job openings.

Celebrate with IDeaS at HITEC & ROC

BTW, the world’s biggest hospitality tech and revenue optimization events are happening right now at the Minneapolis Convention Center. If you’re in town for one or both shows, come help IDeaS celebrate 30 years of innovation and revenue transformation.

HITEC – Join us at booth #1415 for a cake-cutting ceremony at 2:30 PM today, Tuesday, June 18. We’ll also hand out pull-tabs throughout the show. Lucky winners will take home an Amazon Echo.

ROC – Meet us by the registration table where we’ll be giving away Minnesota treats. And be sure to stick around during afternoon break for more birthday cake with your favorite revenue optimizers.

Chad Andycha
Sr. Content Strategist

As a writer in the tech industry, Chad Andycha has forged a career combining his love of storytelling with his endless curiosity about our ever-changing existence and technology-enhanced lives. He currently helps manage IDeaS’ global content strategy, including thought leadership, public relations, and brand development. When he’s not arranging words on pages, he may be found exploring the woods and waters of Minnesota with his wife and daughters or biking around the Twin Cities in search of the perfect sandwich.

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