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It’s a New Decade – Let’s Make It Count

By , Global Marketing Director

If you’re going to do it, do it right—with a partner you can count on.

As we enter a new decade, the hospitality and travel industry has crossed a threshold into a new era of revenue optimization. Now is the time to do things better than ever before. We ask hoteliers to yield profits beyond the guest room. We invite parking operations to seize this moment of revenue opportunity and join the disruption. And we challenge all revenue leaders to take it to the next level. IDeaS is here to bring ultimate clarity to your decision-making and enable you to control the outcome, maximize your ROI, and make 2020 a year like never before.

The start of a new year offers all of us that critical time of reflection to reset, refocus and reignite positive changes—in our personal lives and professional work alike. Now is the time to invest in revenue science technologies and operational best practices that connect your tools and maximize efficiencies with automated pricing decisions and forecasting you can trust. It’s about making what you do matter and making every revenue stream count. Our 2020 message to you is MAKE IT COUNT with IDeaS, powered by Revenue Science.



At IDeaS, we strive to understand the evolving challenges our clients face and find smart ways to solve them. We enjoy your stories about how IDeaS has a made a difference in your lives.

Be it greater confidence and empowerment, gaining more time in your life to focus on the things that matter to you, or achieving a higher level of commercial success—our collective global team shows up each and every day with one mission in mind:

Be a proactive, trusted partner with a relentless pursuit of sophisticated yet simple profit optimization solutions that transform data into precise, automated decisions and forecasts.

This is the inspiration for our 2020 campaign and what we are focused on at IDeaS this year. I take pride in being part of such an inspiring, innovative global team and community of clients and partners focused on making everything we do count.

Cheers to a meaningful, productive and transformational new year!

Gretchen Staubly
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Global Marketing Director

Gretchen Staubly brings a diverse background of experiences (and opinions) to the table—from eCommerce to PR, account management to owning her own retail flower business. She values fresh ideas, a strong work ethic, and a passion for creating great brand experiences. A jack of many trades and mother of three, she keeps herself busy juggling a full schedule of things she wants to accomplish each day.

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