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Meet Your Voice-Activated Assistant

Go go gadget voice integration!

  • The challenge is accessing the data you need, when you need it
  • It can provide unparalleled insight for financial stakeholders
  • Voice technology helps promote revenue awareness across an organization

Technology continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, and as a result, more and more of it becomes a fixture in our daily lives. It’s why machine-to-machine communication will continue to exponentially grow, leading to more opportunities for efficiency in every industry.

As hotels continue to adopt cloud technology and bring their systems and data together into one independent platform, the challenge becomes accessing the data you need, when you need it. Natural-language processing, like the technology behind Alexa or Google Assistant, makes that possible. Voice search and commands have become more popular since the birth of Siri on Apple’s iOS, and Amazon, Google and others have only expanded that reach with smart-speaker devices.

This technology within the hospitality industry has endless opportunities for all employees, from those on property to those at a corporate office. Just imagine it—owners and general managers no longer need logins to a system they only access once a month. They also don’t need to be trained how to view hotel performance within the software or sit around waiting for a report. Now, they can communicate directly with their voice-controlled assistant on their desk without having to call support every month to reset their password.

Even internal meetings can become more efficient and productive. Hotels don’t need to run those standard reports for standing meetings every day. They can literally ask their technology to recite that information to them at each meeting. With this voice-enabled system in place, it can save employees time and resources while still providing key metrics whenever they need it. It’s your personalized, on-command data assistant with immediate access to historical, future and market data.

Because a revenue management system typically stores hotel performance data that can be compared year over year, current forecasts and budgets, it also provides unparalleled insight for financial stakeholders like controllers and finance officers. They won’t need to track someone down with system access or learn to generate a report themselves. Simple voice commands allow them to obtain the comparative data they need to assess performance in real time.

Revenue strategy leaders stand to benefit as much as anyone else. Not only does this technology make them more efficient in their responsibilities, but it empowers their colleagues and departments to access the data they need, when they need it. It helps promote revenue awareness across an organization by the simple fact that the information is so easily accessible.

Even better yet—its personalization. Security and user configurations allow administrative users to enable the appropriate data-access permissions for each persona that applies to any device. Data that once had limited access can now be made available to all appropriate teams and roles without having to train and educate each individual user.

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Editorial Contributor at IDeaS Revenue Solutions

Jessica Halterman is an experienced hotel professional who has held progressive management roles in sales & revenue, marketing and meetings & events for hotel brand Starwood.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services from Mankato State University, but swears she hasn't watched one episode of Parks & Rec.

Despite moonlighting as a wedding planner on the side, Jessica spends most of her time with family & friends---and instagrams as many pictures of her fluffy goldendoodle, Lambeau, as she can. #lambogram

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