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How to Be a Problem-Solving Revenue Investigator

By , Sr. Product Manager

IDeaS reveals new game-changing innovations that turn complex data puzzles into coordinated solutions, giving clients more clarity, control & confidence.

Growing up I loved solving strategy games, puzzles, and mysteries, and I would daydream about being a private eye, cracking cases and taking names. Then I discovered the endlessly satisfying world of solving problems with data and technology—and I was hooked.

In 2019, IDeaS introduced Investigator in our G3 RMS solution as a first-of-its-kind feature, opening the system’s “black box” to help users better understand the how and why behind automated pricing decisions. Since then, we’ve gotten rave reviews from clients who use Investigator’s simplified text and intuitive visualizations to achieve greater organizational alignment around their pricing strategy.

Today, I’m excited to share that we have expanded Investigator to another critical area of the RMS: the demand forecast. You can now use Investigator to quickly inspect occupancy patterns, gain clarity on day-of-week and seasonal trends, and better understand how G3 RMS is leveraging and balancing distant history and recent trends to formulate your demand-recovery forecast.

Earlier this year, IDeaS unveiled Optix, an advanced reporting and analysis module for G3 RMS that delivers a quick, clear view of revenue performance for single properties, hotel clusters, and entire estates. And our clients were thrilled as it’s already redefined how they manage revenue, allowing them to operate faster and more productively than ever before.

But for those managing multiple properties, we knew it was still a challenge to view pace and pickup as a whole. That’s why we created two new Pace Dashboards, providing both high-level and deep-dive views into booking curve and pickup for any number of properties without having to export to Excel, merge multiple documents, and pour over numbers. Optix provides attractive, easy-to-read charting with all the numbers at your fingertips.

Problem Solved

The art of revenue science in solving complex business challenges in an automated environment is one thing, but the ability to interpret, comprehend, and communicate pricing, forecasting, and booking decisions is quite another—that requires a human. Every hotel has a problem to solve, and it’s going to take smart people like you to dig in and find the best solution. But with so much data and so little time, you’ll need an intelligent, analytical sidekick you can trust every step of the way.

With capabilities like Investigator and Optix, IDeaS G3 RMS can be the Dr. Watson to your Sherlock, the Robin to your Batman, the Lisbeth Salander to your Mikael Blomkvist, the Encyclopedia to your Brown, the Hannibal to your Clarice—okay, maybe don’t think of IDeaS as a cannibalistic serial killer, but what a great character, right?

Sr. Product Manager

Luke Davis is a product team leader passionate about solving problems by working hand-in-hand with clients to identify what they need, not just take orders for what they want. Pragmatic Product Management Certified and a Certified ScrumMaster, Luke has a long track record of executing, iterating, and kicking out truly game-changing tech. Outside IDeaS, Luke can be found hanging out with his family, walking his massive Great Danes, playing board games, and painting miniatures for war games.

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