The 12 Gifts of RMS: Reputation Insights

For the fifth gift of revenue management, my RMS gave to me online reputation insights
Remote accessibility
Experienced client support teams
On-demand performance support
And a dashboard with revenue to oversee

The rise of online social platforms have given hotel guests an immediate (and bigger) voice with the hotels and services that they are buying from, and that voice has the potential to directly impact an organization’s bottom line. Every good or bad hotel review can be found immediately online – and reaches innumerable prospective customers. This undoubtedly has had a significant impact on the role of guest reviews and how hotel reputations are being factored into today’s revenue management decisions.

Today’s top revenue management solution providers allow hoteliers to utilize their RMS to evaluate opportunities to influence purchases at the point of decision making and identify their opportunities to increase guest satisfaction. Reputation evaluations also allow hotels to leverage their reputation in meaningful ways – whether it’s a pricing-related change or an operational advantage.

Graphical displays provided by the RMS help hoteliers visualize their market position in both rate and reputation. This visualization arms them with additional insights and data to measure the impacts of their online reputation performance. The correlation between a hotel’s rate and reputation helps hoteliers identify new pricing opportunities, especially when there are visible changes in relative trends of rate and reputation.

Unwrapping the opportunities of reputation evaluations gifts hoteliers with even more confidence to drive better revenue.

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