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A Virtual Meeting Season’s Greeting from IDeaS

By , Sr. Content Strategist

You are now joining the holiday committee meeting. Please unmute your mic, put on some pants, and have a pleasant call…

In true 2020 fashion, we brought some of our remote global team members together to decide, by virtual committee, how to wish our clients, partners, and the hospitality industry a happy holidays. The result: well, the meeting became the greeting… See for yourself.

Whether this past year has been concerning or confusing, boring or surprising, lonely or distracting, absurd or just awkward—or perhaps all of the above—we hope you can relate in some way to our somewhat twisted take on the standard holiday message.

This year was a doozy, but there’s still so much to be joyful and hopeful about, and we truly wish you are all able to enjoy a festive holiday season and an especially happy and prosperous new year.


Sr. Content Strategist

As a writer in the tech industry, Chad Andycha has forged a career combining his love of storytelling with his endless curiosity about our ever-changing existence and technology-enhanced lives. He currently helps manage IDeaS’ global content strategy, including thought leadership, public relations, and brand development. When he’s not arranging words on pages, he may be found exploring the woods and waters of Minnesota with his wife and daughters or biking around the Twin Cities in search of the perfect sandwich.

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